• Courtesy of Daniele Idini

Voodoo Children

You get three for the price of three. Bargain.

The Fool: Mr. G.

Guitar and Voice

Ezy rider and driftin', Mr. G is a 6 and may never be a 9. A highway chile perennially burning the midnight lamp.

The Fine: Dark Mark


On-time like the New York Transit Line, laid back like your Papa's porch recliner, Mark yarns lines through chord-changes like silk thread through South Indian pearls.

The Fair: Kozy Maximus


This one is still feral. Lured in from the wild on a promise of macha, we require a permit to release him behind a kit. And bail bond to get him back.

Upcoming Events

Just putting these out there. For you to read. No pressure.


Nov, 2017

Hendrix: His Life in Songs

The Hot Spot Music Club, Greystones


Aug, 2017

Rally of Lúg Longarm @ Dollys Pub

Dollys Pub, Balfeddock, Meath


Jul, 2017

Swords Summer Festival

Swords Castle, Swords


Jul, 2017

Hendrix Night @ The Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose, Aston Quay, Dublin


Jun, 2017

Hendrix Tribute Night

The Spout, Kilcullen


Nov, 2016

Jimi Hendrix Birthday Weekend!

The Mercantile, 28 Dame St, Dublin


Nov, 2016

The Electric Experience @ Fibbers

Fibber Magees, 80-81 Parnell St, Dublin


Oct, 2016

Jimi Hendrix Tribute @ The Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose, 5 Aston Quay, Dublin


Oct, 2016

A Music Night for Amatrice (Charity gig)

Tivoli Backstage, 18-19 Francis St, Dublin